New Glass and Pickup Thread

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  1. Thanks guys, I will be receiving my Volcano next week. So excited!!!!!!
  2. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With that being said, I was downtown today at Doc's and Firefly and picked up some new glass pieces. I picked up a diffused downstem for my BD. I also picked up another ashcatcher for my BD. It matches really well and is diffused. The hitter was ok, but a little generic. I want to find a blue glass hitter for it then were done with that one.
    Here are some pictures:
  3. You could mabey name it neptune
  4. thats going to look sick with that blue ashcatcher... i was about to run up to firefly today but i prob will on the 18th or 19th. i need a new diffy and maybe an inline..:smoke:
  5. yes it does but trying to find a blue glass bowl also and that would be money.
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    iunno wldnt put the downstem water to much higer then the joint ....and for the perc i have NO idea lol ive never really seen a perc like that style so i wldnt kno lol i wldnt say more then a cm or 2 :smoke:

    WOW didnt see the 2nd page worth of stuff lmao ...nice pick ups.....yo that roor diffy is it a 18 mill or a 14 mill ? just wondering cuzz the head shop in my area says u cant get a roor 14 mil and ur kinda looks like it?
  7. no its a 18mm
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    Nice BD. Sick pick up on the AC as well. Enjoy :bongin:
  9. Nice bong that looks sick. Well looks like ur set for awhile
  10. RIP this is no more and it was my first one.

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