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    So I picked up a zip and a half for $640. It is dank, it smells very piney with light green leaves and light orange hairs. It is very dense with the biggest bud ringing at 4g. It has a very lemon taste. Not sure the name of the strain. I also picked up my first bong, I have always had spoons and bubblers. It is made by Blue Dot Glass, I am not sure about the thickness but seems to be a 5mm, it is about 18" tall and is a tube based bong with a single perculator. It is a simple one arm design. It is colored in nice blue glass. The bong also has a ice ring with built in splash guard. It has a regular downstem right now but will be buying a diffuser soon. The bowl has a nice little handle for lifting out. I plan to get a Keck clip soon. I need to name her. Suggestions?

    Here are some pics of the bud then the glass.
    This one weighed in at 2g.
  2. nice shit bro. It looks to be less than a zip and a half, but im not there to tell either! I love that bong as well
  3. Nice bluedot man, im loving the blue perc! Of course i gotta request the milkshot.
  4. the joints on that BD look real solid, and i like the old school question mark perc. +rep
  5. couldn't think of a better way to spend more than half a g, bong looks very cool
  6. what is aveq the book?
    [​IMG]Is that french?
  7. nice BD, i was thinkin of getting one but i had to go with the roor. How much that bong run, ohh and that doesnt look like an OZ and a half but i could be wrong. Anyway nice pickup
  8. No that is a book that is for the Off Broadway Play: Avenue Q, funny as shit mocks Sesame Street.
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    I picked it up Friday and have smoked and let go of some. Bong ran me 175.
  10. nice deal man
  11. bump it up
  12. so thats a perc right ....NEED milkshots ....doesnt look like the most effective perc out there ......but none the less classy likin the bog +rep:smoking:
  13. honestly, it isnt, but it works really old school look to it. You need to pull slow and hard. I took one to the face last night for the first time and was high as shit. The bowl holds tons of herb. It filters nicely though and is a nice pc. I was thinking about calling her Roxie.
  14. also does anyone have suggestions of how high the water should be for the downstem and perc
  15. I'm digging that bong bro, looks fantastic. Smoke that shit up to
  16. i like the bong, just not the perc. i had a sour with the same perc and the drag was too hectic.

    IMO, it is still a nice piece, and that bud looks nice.

    happy tokin!
  17. the perc does cause some drag but not that bad
  18. Hey guys got some new items today, I bought a A/C today. Its fumed and will change color after some use. I also took some shots of the new ashtry and the A/C on my Blue Dot.
  19. I ascend to the top... Bump!!!
  20. Use the least amount of water possible in beaker and perc for minimal drag, and the bud says 1.8 not 2. Nice stuff nonetheless

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