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New Glass and new kind of lighter PICS!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buddymcbudd, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hey i just got back from the headshop with a new piece, this glass is so solid, in the store, the woner literally banged the piece on the table pretty damn hard. the owner told me that if it breaks, i can bring it back for double the cash. it was only fifty but they tossed in a lighter they just got in, BUILT IN POKER!!:eek: anyone got any name suggestions go ahead and post them.

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  2. Cool piece and lighter. I am on Day 1 of my tolerance break and its been frustrating looking at all this.

  3. I dont get the lighter.
  4. Cool pipe and lighter man, toke it up.
  5. wut do u mean u dont get it it looks like the whole spark wheel thing comes out connected to a stick and thats prob wuts used to pack the bowl down
  6. Thats a nice piece i like it
  7. yeah, the whole flint, sparkwheel piece comes out and can be used as a poker! its actually not a nw lighter, its called a clipper and apparently have been out forever, whatever, id never seen them so theyre new to me!!!:hello:
  8. It is mainly used so you can replace the flint when/if it runs out... Hopefully the lighter is refillable, in which case it could theoretically last forever :)
  9. never heard of an unbreakable pipe, if you are getting double the cash, go ahead and toss that mofo off a building and buy a pipe and a baggie the $100....
    That's a clipper lighter, they are made spain and have been around for decades, you can replace the flint and refill them as many times as you want, I have one of those that has lasted 10 years, they work good to pack joints and blunts, not so good with the pipe, plastic and hot glass do not mix...
  10. I just use a thumbtack/pushpin to stir up my sparked bowls.
  11. thats a clipper lighter, you can also open up the bottom and hide rolls (or other pills) in there. They are refillable too.
  12. that's
    BS about a guarantee. They probably have a 'no returns' sign posted somewhere, too.
  13. Clippers are the perfect stoner lighter for three reasons.

    1. The Pokey
    2. When you point it down the flame gets way bigger, seems built for bongs.
    3. Refillable

    and thats why clippers pwn bics a million times over.

    and i think your pipe is aa joseph.
  14. Actually considering i know the owner and hes a chill guy, no "no returns sign" i think he'll make good on it if it breaks. plus to whoever said throw it off a building, thats taking advantage of a chill thing man, personally i think if you take advantage like that, chill stuff stops happening in your life, anyway just broke the new piece in with the better part of an eighth and it rips sooo fucking hard, i love it, picking up a quad in 3 hours, ill post some pics if its fire!:smoke:
  15. how do you open up the bottom? :confused:
  16. Nice piece and lighter.

    I'll check back in for the pics of the quad.

  17. ya how do u open up the bottom!?

    i think were talking about a diff lighter, there is a stash lighter that looks like a clipper..
  18. clippers DONT open at the bottom only the stash lighters do that.:D

    but if you smoke from a bong then a clipper is a must have :hello::hello:
  19. I am still down with the BIC and a poker, in a seperate fashion because a lot of devices in our time have been crammed with multiple functions, not always the greatest of ideas. For example, the camera in the cell phone. Its convenient, and thats about it. Nothing compared to my 6.0 Megapixel digital cam. I never even use the damn camera function (But I know so many cheapskates who do and call it their 'Digital Camera' lol). The next thing is manufacturers making wanna be ipods integrated in your cell. First off, these phones don't have enough memory to compensate for my library. Second of all is, you are just wasting your battery in your phone listening to music. I guess its just my opinion on these devices, but I am getting rather tired of the "Swiss Army" cell phone. So for me personally, I'd rather just have a bic and a nice poker, seperate.

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