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new glass and dank buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by toke420, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. new fat mike slide, some home grown and some sour diesel in the new slide

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  2. Is that the home grown on the left? shit looks real nice what is it just bag seed or do u know the strain
  3. not sure of the strain, its from a good friend, its his home grown.
  4. first picture - a friends bud, second picture- 7g sour diesel bud, third picture- some of the 2 ounces, fourth picture- more diesel, fifth and sixth picture - more home grown, seventh picture - the bong.

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  5. Beautiful nugs! Fat Mike glass, eh? NC?
  6. nope, VA, yea the glass is from kulture in Richmond.
  7. Tsunami bowl, and Sherlock from kulture.

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  8. thats a fuckin ill tsunami bowl
  9. yea that thing rips like a champ
  10. The tsunami series is from Chameleon Glass. They are available dry and wet and they all rock!
  11. had a good day with Chaoticflow, some new Grand Daddy Purp. picked up a zip but most of it was gone by the time i could take a picture of it. :bongin:I was fiddling around with the light settings to try and get the best picture. As you can see i'm not the best photographer. Enjoy

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  12. mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Heavenly buds.
  14. ^^Seconded. That inline compliments your SYN nicely :bongin:
  15. thanks guys :bongin:
  16. my friend just picked up a new SYN showerhead perc tube, one of the coolest and most simple designs i've seen, props to SYN. ill post pictures after our after work session, blaze on!
  17. That tsunami bowl is awesome, I've never seen that before. It looks like a catipillar!
  18. hell yeah that GDP was crucial, dank glass as well sa
  19. mmmm GDP, very crucial indeed. Lets put that syn to good use tomorrow:smoke:

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