New Glass --- 5150 Single Perc

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    Its my birthday so I decided to pick up a nice treat for myself... So I went to a headshop and they have a deal that if its your birthday then you get 50% off... Looked at all of the bongs and best price for performance seemed to be this ---


    5150 single 6 arm tree perc, ice catcher, diffuser on the stem and two bowls... Picked up the whole bundle for $97. This hits so amazing compared to my old straight tube!

    more pics
  2. Loaded Ice. Lookin' purdy.

    Close up of Perc.

    Milk shot!
  3. thanks man! keeps me liftteddd :D
  4. Woah 50% off for your bday? What shop in Michigan?
  5. prolly 42 degrees....
  6. im in the michigan too hey:wave:
  7. dude i am in love with that piece and that clear bowl!!! thats a badass setup. a few months ago i got a straight tube PHX with no percs for 160 and a sweet bowl, but i shoulda gone with your set up. that is tight man i hope u rip that thing alot. nice alcohal too but why by your computer?? haha
  8. Yeah Otters Oasis in Kalamazoo does it. Everyone bitches because of high prices at that store... But I think the prices are decent and the birthday deal was really nice.

    Oh yeah man, I ripped it a Tonnnnnn yesterday... I just keep my booze by my computer.

    Best. Friggin. Show. Ever. I seriously am in love with it, so great while you're toasted! :D
  9. You're nt one of those guys who suck comets through the downstem, are you?
  10. I don't even know what that means bro...
  11. I bought this as a straight tube on 420! I got the 6 arm single tree for 100 with a diff dstem. My friend went with me and got the double tree but we later noticed that the trees and stem are crazy misaligned in his. All in all i LOVE my 5150 tube! Its nice to see someone else post one haha, btw mine was picked up on the east coast.
  12. nice man, yea it rips real nicei had a bunch of people over last night to hit it and shes still runnin strong
  13. What's in the new text document??????????? :O
  14. 55 Bells will chime! When the heavens open up and drink from the silver cup!
  15. I have the same bong...enjoy!
  16. Sick piece man the price is amazing. +rep cuz Im from the Murder Mitten too
  17. When you're lighting a bowl and suck so hard all the ash, soot, and weed go into the water.
    I hate it when people do that, purposely too!

    That, and when people torch the bowl you JUST freshly packed instead of cornering it.
    And another thing is when people don't know how to use a carb and just pass you the bowl with the cherry smoking like a motherfucker.
  18. Passwords for college.

    str8 up!

    luv it!

    thanks bro enjoy :D

    No, it just appears so in the picture because the bowl is sooo small, and this was my 3rd rip on it. I do proper bong burn around the bowl so it doesnt cash out too soon. :D

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