new girl to GC :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by niff369, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. hello all! im not new to smoking, or to looking at GC..but i just recently joined and started posting stuff...anyone from Minnesota on GC????? hit me up if you are!:wave:
  2. Minnesota represent.
  3. Not Minnesota, but welcome anyway.

    This place is dope, has everything ya need!
    Need anything feel free to hit me up with a pm.

  4. badass, thanks!:D
    unfortunately...i have NO idea what a pm is? haha
  5. Welcome to the city. I'm not from Min, I live in NY actually, but I grew up in Wisconsin and had family up in Duluth and of course have been to the Mall of America. Good times, especially for tokers

  6. PM= private message

    welcome im new too
  7. welcome to the city! :smoking:
  8. Yup me and you met at mall of america, remember?
  9. yeaaa 651 in tha building

  10. hell yeah that WAS a good time.
  11. 612 to tha 651 to tha 763 minnesota represent:smoke:
  12. You should probably be careful, there's a lot of rather unsavory characters who seem to smoke marijuana around here.
  13. Welcome to da greenest city! :) Mn reppin!
  14. ha ha hell yeah!!!! 612 :hello:
    thanks for the welcoming guys!
  15. lol the word girl has power here missy as you can imagine most of us don't get out much.

  16. haha how so?
  17. hey im from minnesota also! where you from in this great state then? im from Roseau... just a bit south of canada!! hit me up sometime just shoot me off a message or whatever!!
  18. Hey what's up? I'm a new girl to GC and from Minnesota, too!
  19. New girl but not Minnesota.
    Welcome!  :smoke:

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