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  1. Just wanted to say High to everyone. 24 y.o vet tech from Fort Worth Texas. Ive read many posts from GC and enjoyed the atmosphere.
    Hope everyone has a Good Morning.

  2. You to :)
    Welcome to the land of grass mellow dreams.
  3. Welcome!:wave: Toke on lady toker
  4. Wake & Bake With Coffee

  5. wake and bake sounds good but you got something other than coffee? coffee promotes rust..;)

    Welcome to GC.. :wave:
  6. Wow.. I must be a little stoned.. It took me like 3 or 4 seconds to get that... :eek:) Btw.. Thanks <3

  7. LOL, me too.

    from one newb to another, welcome to GC..
  8. Welcome fellow Texas stoner! :smoke:
  9. hehehehe nice pic MasterOG
  10. instant full rep in tminus 5 days....and counting...:p
  11. Welcome, feel free to toke with us in
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    Uhhhhh. I still don't get it. What are you talking about?? =xx

  13. um ok robots rust so most of us drink motor oil... (and Beer)


    :laughing: :laughing:
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    Ooooo lmaooooo I totally didn't see your pic.
  15. I was like a 24 year vet tech "Hmm that sounds like a old smart person"
    re-reads it
    OOOOH a 24 year vet tech " Young vet tech -_-"

  16. Welcome bladette! +rep for the name alone
  17. Welcome to the city :wave:
  18. jetlife? srry if i assume wrong but do you work for an airlines?
  19. Jetlife is a rap movement promoted by a rapper named Curren$y who used to be in a group with Lil' Wayne years ago called "Sqad Up"

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