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New German ROOR! (Pics - No Sympathy for 56k)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Well I finally got myself a German ROOR Icemaster 5.0! :hello: I also ended up getting a few extra bowls, an ashtray for when I smoke joints, a stash jar, a poker, ROOR bong cleaner and a bowl holder. I also ended up getting a Molino sherlock bubbler. I am finished with my tolerance break on tuesday, but I have a job pending and I am not sure if they are going to test or not, so I haven't got to use them yet. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Damn dude. Thats a lot of sick shit right there....nice buys. + rep
  3. Nice purchases.

    I LOVE the Bub.

    Give us some details man ... how is everything working out?
    And price ... of course.

    Rep+ buddy.
  4. Well I haven't got to use them at all yet because I am on a tolerance break. I also have a job pending and I am not sure if they test, so I am just waiting for now (which sucks, I would love to try out my new pieces).

    The ROOR came in a gift set for around $350 and it included everything besides the bubb, the extra bowls and the stash jar.

    The extra ROOR bowls were $22 a piece and the stash jar was $25.

    The bubbler was $60 and just came by itself.

    I am very happy to own a German ROOR because of my German heritage.

    Thanks for the rep guys!
  5. I really like that bubb alot..... sweet purchase

    and everything is glorius too :D
  6. damn, thats some sweet paraphenellia you got there.

    ** edit im pretty sure i just spelt that wrong hahah
  7. All that stuff is kick ass! Post a milkshot of that bong when you get a change, I bet it hits like a champ.
  8. ssssssss. suck me sideways. nice shit bro.
  9. Are you a chick?

    nice roor

  10. No, but my wife is. That's my wife's side of the master bathroom, hence why her stuff is in the background.
  11. man, thats a nice set, by the way, you should wait to hear from the job people before you start smoking again.
  12. wow you got roor everything, good job

  13. Yeah I was definately going to wait to hear from the job before I start blazing again, its a Salary position in the IT field and would be an ideal job for me.
  14. Good Stuff Love Roors
  15. ahh that RooR is beautiful.
  16. Thanks for all the compliments on my new shit guys! It is appreciated!
  17. Mind if I ask you how much that RooR ran you? One day I'll invest in a good bong. One day. I just always seem to spend that money on a chunk of bud before I spend it on a quality piece.
  18. From a previous post:

  19. Awesome pieces i'm most certainly jealous. Good luck with that interview too, hopefully you'll be able to reward a new job with some rips off that RooR.

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