New Georgia smoker any smokers near 912

Discussion in 'General' started by lilra912, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Whats up erbody! Im new 2 da city so was jus seein whats up?
  2. hey man, im new too. fortunately im from colorado.

    just kidding. no but really i am.
  3. Thats cool. what u smokin on?
  4. well, the shit i have no is the worst ive ever had.

    just some master kush and sour diesel. I wish colorado club bud was like california bud... :(

    how about you?
  5. im smokin on orange kush
  6. damn i was just in some guys thread where he was talking about that being his first strain. nice shit cuz. id trade you a half o of this shit for a quad of that/
  7. I got some mids and some purple. Really pissed still cuz i had sum sour diesel a few weeks ago and still yearnin for it. But its always kush and purp here. Jus kinda expensive so i jus mediate between exotic and mids. Cuz we get good mids here.
  8. you like sour diesel? that's cool. yeah we basically only have sour diesel and master kush at the local club. luckily theyre almost out of it and they might get some good stuf flike hindu kush and pineapple kush soon
  9. I'm in the old 912 which is now 229. We are in neighboring districts. I believe yours is considered Sav and surrounding areas and mine is Valdosta and surrounding areas

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