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    Hey blades, just picked up my new baby today, shes my first to come with an ash catcher bowl. Paid 130 marked down from 199, what do you all think? I'm about to go break her in! :smoke:


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  2. I think you overpaid. Genie is shitty chinese glass. Treat her right or you'll end up with some broken glass in no time. I'm sure she'll serve you right though!
  3. Actually the glass is very thick, its quite heavy for a small bong.
  4. I know it's thick. I had a 9mm Genie piece that broke after a small tumble. My 5mm MGW made from American boro has taken much more abuse than the Genie did and is still standing strong to this day. While it is true that thicker glass would hold out better, it is far more important as to what the actual composition of the glass is. Chinese glass typically has many impurities, resulting in a drastic decrease in strength. Frankly, this is the extent of my knowledge. I'm sure glassblowers, or other glassheads who know more than I do would be able to shed more light on this issue than I have been able to.
  5. What he said.. I had a 7mm genie straight tube shit broke in a month.
  6. I had a 7mm Genie straight tube, bought it for 60$ sold it for 40$
  7. Chinese glass isn't properly annealed. Which is heating the glass, then allowing it to cool at a gradual and measured rate. Throw in the previously mentioned impurities and you're set-up, with weak glass.

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