NEW: Gear GonG 7mm: MILK vids reppin The Hammer ON

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    hey Grasscity it has been too long! If by chance you have(or are) viewed my old threads I would just like to say that I have settled in well with my life with university and a serious positive change with both my family and myself. so, :smoking:.

    this is a Gear 7MM GonG Bong with diffuser and ash catcher, improvements will be made asap(i've seen a couple pecolators in bowls, whats up with that?). i got a k clip for it, but i only really put it on with good friends around. ran me 150. so i mean, new diffuser and bowl maybe? i havn't really measured it but it is an 18.8 mm joint.

    anyways to the milk vids!

    [ame=]YouTube - gear GonG 7MM diffuser ashcatcher[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - gear GonG 7MM diffuser ashcatcher[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - gear GonG 7MM diffuser ashcatcher[/ame]

    comments appreciated:) happy smoking:wave:

    ps the last video was of some lower grade, so it took a bit more manpower to get the job done.
  2. no love for a canadian?

  3. I'll show some love for a canadian, why not?! Looks good man, nice pickup :bongin:
  4. nice hits man, i really love GEAR, great canadian glass
  5. did you buy that locally?
    i have only seen gear online
    i like the way that bubble bottom looks. i'm really more of a fan of straight and beakers
    but that style bubble bottom has a special shape.
  6. looks like a legit daily driver! enjoy it you crazy canuck! :D
  7. I have the same, except for beaker bottom and it has been serving me well since 4/20 when I bought it. Enjoy it!

    Gear is pretty much the only decent glass that I see around here :(
  8. The Gear piece was definitely the best glass I could grab in Hamilton, there just arent any quality stores like THC in Toronto. I'm happy for what I paid, I realize if I truly want a quality bong it's going to take some time, money, a lack of impulsive action, and a trip to T-dot:devious:

    I appreciate the kind words my friend! I am in fact a dailer driver, everyone likes to determine their own sense of balance and/or moderation, this just seems to work for me best.

    And has for the special shape with the bubble bottom, I never really worried about the pro's and cons of having a bubble bottom vs. beaker, or straight, I just figured more smoke capacity with the bigger size bottom.

    thanks alot guys! I appreciate the kind words, more milk vids when I bring my soldering iron back!
  9. very nice gear i like it! CANADIANS FTW!!!!

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