New Gas Mask Bong!

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  1. So yeah here's mah gas mask bong. Saw it at the headshop and just had to try it.



  2. That has to burn your eyes..
  3. it does sometimes, they def get red as hell after.
  4. I kind of want an old israeli gas mask to convert to one of these.. just need an acrylic, or maybe an attatchment for my GonG
  5. Id def use an acrylic bong for a mask, its really hard to see the bong in front of you without a mirror, and id be afraid to drop it. I also have no idea how they made this
  6. Is there some sort of valve so if youexhale in the mask it lets air out?? Trying to figure out the air flow of this.
  7. In the second pic you can see a lil black stopper that can be twisted off, the bong actually pulls off is you want to exhale it out quick though, sometimes necessary if you take to much, oxygen kinda runs out quick when all you can breathe in is more smoke
  8. My friend had one of these and said it freaked the shit out of him. It looks sweet to me but yeah it would make you smell like weed. Also not the most practical of devices to take out with you haha.
  9. fuck yeah gas masks are the shit !! :smoking: but they make my face feel gross as hell after.. lol

    just BLAZEE:smoking:
  10. Yeah, my experience with a gasmask left me with a stinky face. I had a stinky face. They sure look cool though.
  11. Man that is sweet, I've always wanted to try one of those.
  12. I have a gas mask, but it has a hose and it connects to a bowl and after you take the hit you blow it back out and someone shot guns that shit. You both get high as fuck. It's pretty sick.
  13. that sounds sweet. Ive never had a stinky or nasty face after smoking. Or atleast I just was so high I didnt notice. I only use it once in a while
  14. oh man i wanna get a gas mask and make one of these so bad. how much did the mask cost you?
  15. it was 60 at the shop, but the dude went down to 50 for it.
  16. SICK ! . how much $ ?
  17. 50 not bad. i havnt seen 1 in a headshop b4
  18. Gas masks are fun as shit.

    looks funny watching people hit them too
  19. i built my self a gas mask... maybe ill post pix soemtime

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