New Gardener-Advice for my plans?

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    So I've never grown before but have a few family members who have successfully. However, the most successful of them isn't on good terms with me so I can't really ask him for advice.

    Anyways I've read this forum day and night the last few days, I've just recently been thinking of growing about 2 weeks ago. Then a couple days ago a buddy said he wanted to grow something w/me b/c he was kind of in debt so he said he would give me the seeds and also he could get a light for me too. I'm not sure what kind of light it is, I'm almost positive it's not a flourescent though. I'm not too familiar with the difference but it might be an HPS lamp??

    So i have seeds and possibly a light, regardless of wether I do this w/him or not I want to do it. After reading a bit I kind of decided I wanted to go with an LST grow possibly with a hydroponic system?
    I want to do an LST so I could maximize my yeild but also I'm the worst at keeping a schedule so a timer and hydroponic system would be perfect for me. Can I use a hydroponic system with an LST grow?
    Could that work? Is it a good idea for my first grow?

    Also, I havent seen a hydroponic system in a "small" amount of space. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use my closet which is sort of shaped like an "L" and could be broken off into a flowering room and a veg room if necessary. Could I build a "mini" hydroponic system if necessary and would it be as efficient as a full sized one(dumb question maybe?)

    I think I knoe how I'm going to grow but I might need help with setting up my grow area but I'll just wait and see i guess.

    Couple other simple questions:

    1) What are the chances of getting a female plant? If I "need" a female asap should i only plant 2 seeds or should i plant 4,5,etc.?

    2) What seeds should I use for my first grow? I want to get a hold of some quality seeds as opposed to bag seed but i dont want to end up planting them and wasting them on a grow that isnt successful. Is it often that plants "just dont grow"?

    I'm new at this so sorry if some of my questions are obvious. Also sorry if i've asked any questions that have been asked in other threads, I only asked what I didn't see.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. I've been reading a little more. My main goal is to maximize yield/get the most weed out of it(same thing??). I do have a question about that though. A larger yeild wont affect quality will it? I'm assuming not.

    Anyways, I'm thinking a SOG grow might be better than a LST grow?

    What would be my best bet to maximize my yeild?
  3. I'm new to this too and on my first grow, but I'll help you where I can. Everything I have learned has been from Grasscity and the sticky topics, it's worth reading the hell out of them, most of what you want to know will defo be here. :)

    The general feeling seems to be to go for bagseed on your first go. No point forking out loadsa cash on fem seeds straight away in case you waste them. I did waste my money on five fem white widow seeds for £45!! I only got a couple to germinate, I'm sure an expert woulda done better. So go for bagseed first! Much better chance of getting what you want.

    The chances of getting a female plant are 50%, so the more seeds you plant, you are increasing your chances.

    Sorry, can't answer q's on hydro, 'cos I'm on a soil grow.

    My advice would be that whatever seeds you get, follow the sticky germination guide on here, it's fool proof. :):smoking:

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks really appreciate it.

    Anyways I'm pretty sure i'll be getting free seeds anyways and i've always got weed i can pull seeds out of. I wasnt planning on feminized seeds b/c I've already compared a few prices and they seem WAY mroe expensive. i was just thinking a different "breed" of seeds.

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