New gal - glass pipe maker

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jaycy, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Hi new just wanted to say my hellos
  2. Welcome to the city :D
  3. do you really make glass pipes, tight. welcome also.
  4. Hello and welcome to the city. Enjoy your stay!
  5. wow, you make your own pipes.... i bet you got an awesome collection... that would be so cool to be like... yeah i made that... i mean, i can say, yeah i grew that.. but if i could make the pipe i smoked it out of.... damn...

    Chunk of glass..... $10.
    Chunk of nugs..... $50.
    Blowing out your own pipe and then blowing your mind.... priceless.

    Welcome to the joint, by the way.
    Peace, love, and bigger buds.
  6. Welcome! Where can we view your fine work??
  7. yeah! got any pics!!?

    oh yeah, welcome to the city!o_O
  8. Tks for the warm welcome. I plan to start posting glass pipe pics at

    After the big "sweep" across the us for pipemaking I was nervous about even posting but since i am not offering to sell all is cool.

    Sirs- too bad we do not live near each other we could trade :-D but the glass is much more than $10 ;-)

    I just developed my own website for glass at but have only jewelry sections at this time (because of the law) I am planning to add a section on "how to make glass pipes" and different decorating techniques and pics.

    Hey you may not get to sell your art but you can excercise your freedom of information and speach
  9. sweet! i'm gonna check it out. i've be looking into glass blowing and it looks fun:)
  10. Welcome to the City of Green :)

    i think glass blowing looks cool, how do ya get into it, where do your get the equiptment to do it, and where can ya learn to do it :) ?
  11. wELCOME tO tHE sTONERS cITY!!![​IMG]

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