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  1. Hi all, just thought I'd finally introduce myself and say hi. I have been lurking on GC for the last few weeks. I'm an occasional smoker. Recently decided to give a Micro PC grow a try.
    I finally got the PC all set up and running, I'm managing about 4 deg F above room temp. Now I have to work on getting soil, ph stuff, nutes, and some seeds.

    -Z- :smoke:
  2. A warm welcome to this city of grass!:D
  3. Thanks, much appreciated!
  4. Welcome! nice little set up, I am from SE wisconsin also- so its nice to see someone else from here doing there own little side thing.
  5. Thanks man! I'm testing out my temps right now with some carbon filters in place. Hopefully it does'nt get too hot in there. Though no plants right now just testing temps. Good to know I'm not the only one around SE Wis!
  6. what strains are you using, and are they clones?
  7. I'm in Milwaukee, but do not grow. Let me know how it turns out for you - I hope well!
  8. @Slang
    This will be my first grow, so I'll be starting with some seeds, as I don't know enough yet to work with clones. I'm going to start with Nirvana NL seeds as they are beginner friendly and pretty cheap, so if I screw one up it won't cost me too much.

    Thanks man, I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Right now I'm waiting on soil, nutes, pH stuff, and seeds. I'm pretty close to Milwaukee, just south of ya.
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    Here are a couple pics of my setup.

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  10. wow pics looking good, have you got good enough ventilation?

    I'm not growing at the moment but you have definitely come to the right place to get advice on micros :smoke:
  11. @rugby
    Thanks! I have 2 fans to exhaust, 1 on the back(120mm) and 1 on top(140mm). Passive intake. I monitored the temps last night with the filters in place and I was at 79F, room being 75F. I knew ventilation was important so I bought fans that were rated to at least 90cfm, and that seems to have worked.
    This is all without any actual growing going on at the moment. I want to make sure things work as I intend before I start an actual grow.
  12. I'm just south of Milwaukee as well... Friends with slangbang actually.

    Your PC box looks nice. What strains are you thinking at?
  13. I'm also in SE WI! Glad to have you in the city!
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome!
    Initially I'm looking to start with Nirvana's NL, supposed to be good for a beginner like me, and not too expensive. Been awhile since I was really into smoking often so most of my old sources are gone or no longer "share", so no access to bagseed right now.
    Once I get a handle on growing techniques I'm looking at some
    Hindu Kush

    I honestly would like to eventually give them all a try. :D

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