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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by universally dir, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. hey what up everybody. look this isnt my first post, but ever since i started postin here i gotta say people aint been very welcoming. i started a thread about mids, cuz down here is san antonio they only have two classes of weed, schwag and everything else, and all the dank is real cheap and around the same price, so i was real confused on how you all judge shit everywhere else. and there was a few fools even tryin to talk down on me like "the dro that im talkin about" is this and that, like i didnt know what the fuck im talkin about. even some homeboy from san antonio came in the thread and said that its true, no one talks about mids here. then im participating in this thread about whats the slang you use for getting high, and some fool is trying to tell me he thinks im wrong. that fool dont even live here where i stay. what kinda shit is all that man? this is a weed forum full of stoners, i didnt expect this kinda shit. if anything id think they appreciated the experience of finding out how different things are in other places.

    but maybe they hatin cuz i just never introduced myself properly?

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