New From Ottawa, Canada, Starting A Bong Company

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  1. Hey I'm a recent engineering grad from Ottawa and I started a bong company this year. Gonna start selling them in August. I wanna see what GC thinks about it.  
    Its a combo beer + water bong. We call it "The Knockout".
    Works as a water bong when the beer bottle is half full of water.
    Works as a waterfall when you pop it on any plastic pop bottle.
    Works as a beer bong for chugging beer (and anything really).
    And best of all you can chug and entire beer while the bottle fills with smoke. We call that a Knockout.
    The Knockout part works like this. You pack the tip of the one-hitter bowl with herbs. Then you pop the knockout on the beer bottle. You put the mouthpiece up to your mouth and flip the entire bottle until its upside down. When you start chugging it creates a vacuum in the bottle that sucks the smoke into the bottle, because while you are chugging you are also holding a lighter up to the one-hitter pipe. When you finish chugging the bottle is full of smoke. Then you either toke it right away, or flip it back over and toke it.
    What do you guys think?


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