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  1. howdy folks! just want to stop in and say hi! a few things about myself. i'm a 27 year old male from NY. i've been smoking for about 10 years now. i can't wait to read some of your tales and tips on growing and whatnot. see ya around!
  2. Wow, there is starting to have a lot of new new yorkers here. Yay. I'm from Brooklyn. ^^ Welcome to GC.
  3. Hola, NY'er. Queens here, welcome to the city.
  4. hey :) how are you?
  5. welcome to the city
  6. thanks for the welcome fellas. i don't live in NYC, by the way. i live in a small town in western NY. the bud is alright my way. nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done. every once in a while we'll get some white rhino, or northern lights floating around. right now we've been getting what we call "beasters". don't know the name of the strain or anything.
  7. welcome, im from long island
  8. welcome, i've visited stony point on more than one occasion, though i live in CA, anyways NY's cool
  9. Brooklyn Here
  10. catch me in southside where the moneys at im bouta go roll a fathead sum drizzy try n get dizzy who wanna join lol:smoking:
  11. haha welcome man,
    manhattan here.

    and what type of bud do you get over in western NY?
  12. I'm from Long Island, welcome bro.
  13. Hey, I'm from Manhattan. I'm wondering...does anyone know of any bike messenger services?
  14. It's hard to find one, but their around.

    It's expensive, but takes a lot of risk out of buying pot.
    I used one, got a random phone number and was told to ask for 'Q'.

    (don't ask, they get a new phone/number every 2-3 weeks)

    30 a gram, always real name brand. Great to use if you're wasted and can't drive, or just plain stuck at your house. Not for regular pick-ups though. Ask them for an oz if you find one, you'll DIE when you hear the price he gives you. Good luck finding one though man.

    But OP- Welcome!
    I'm an NYer also! Western NY, one of the top 10 spots to grow according to hightimes!
  15. welcome to the city, i spend my time between nyc and buffalo.

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