New From Miami 305

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Inimical, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Hey wutup yall i just joined the forums, i felt like looking for weed stuff online after smoking a blunt and playing call of duty match , and i ended up finding this. hope to find some cool people here. if you're from miami and know where to get some good shit let me know , ive been dying to smoke some kush , white rhino/widow or anything exotic. im a cool guy , cuban, 23 , having a baby in a couple of months! i stay by kendall by the walmart on 157
  2. Welcome to GrassCity man. Hope you have a good time here.:smoking:
  3. Welcome to the city, I'm in Miami too...but come on...posting locations near your home..that's a lil risky, no?
  4. I dont think so, i didnt put my address or anything, anyways there a thousands and thousands of residents here, and i dont really have anything to hide :p pass by the crib and lets smoke lol by the way im selling a big fish tank 4ft long 18" wide with a black metal lid. for 70 bucks ,i used to have bearded dragons in them. so if anyone nearby interested , hit me up!

  5. qft ...... Sup from Kendall
  6. 305 MI YAYO. welcome to gc? enjoy and yeh if you wanna meet people try joining a group first...for your area of course

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