New From MD/DC area pg county to be exact!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kickz333, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. anyone else in the area lookin to meet some new friends ones with the fire lls
  2. c'mon a lil love ova here please :)
  3. hey, im new too. im from aaco. and having a hard time meeting tokers
  4. sweet thanks for the reply and yea no one seems to wanna rep the good ol MD lls
  5. Capitol heights/District height/Forestville Im lovin the green in these areas!!! Ima transplant from Philly tho!
  6. NOVA! Welcom to the city....its not MD but close enough I be up there on the occasional weekend.
  7. MoCo here... looking to see how much of a tokin' community there is. Don't get over to PG too often, but used to work over there!
  8. thanks for all the replies good to see all the DMV standin up moco capitol heights aint too far at all lets get a session goin!
  9. What up MD's.. I was born and raised in Frederick, know all about moco, hoco, and the general DMV area. Good to see ya'll on here.. I'm in myrtle beach now but i'll rep til I die.
  10. aaco! whats good. wheres the tree at??? lol. im new to grasscity to. moved to maryland about 3 yrs ago. shhit is beat
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    Look in Clinton that's where I go
  12. Montgomery County is where it's at.
    All day erry day.
  13. Love maryland. Im from moco aswell!
  14. Greetings from the other side of the city.
  15. aac here, md
  16. I'm new to Frederick, I don't know anyone and I would just love to blaze again.
  17. Balto/harco here
  18. welcome,
    I've been staying in DMV area for about 2 years now.
    have never stepped my feet on Maryland xD
    only been to northwest dc and northern va.
    I heard md got some dank buds :smoke::smoke:
  19. hey just moved to district heights as well getting my first place to myself soon planning for it to be a smoke den! lemme know if anyones down to meet a new friend

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