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New From Mass(Boston)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DatNicca617, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. New To Site From Boston Mass. Been A Blunt Rollin, Blunt Smokin, Bowl Hittin, Joint Smokin ***** For 4 Years Now. Love Smoking Chocolate Cigarellos(If You Have Them Around Your Way I Suggest Your Try It!) Just Cuz They Burn Slow. Only Smoke Headies, Haze, And Kush, Never Go Mids, Dro, Or Regs.
  2. cool, im from boston too. only smoke headies/piff but only burn dutch palmas. a little different style from urs but welcome to the city. maybe burn one down sometime
  3. After Ballot Question 2 passed I wouldn't be suprised to see more massachusetts people show up. I wish we had decriminalization in my state. 100 dollar fine beats the hell out of prison...

  4. yea its nice...but grass city has alot of members from massachusetts on the site already. the bud here is also some of the best stuff. and theres lots of bud coming in from cali and ny. i have to say east coast got it on lock :smoking: the bud that comes here from ny is the best. but its redsox over yanks.
  5. yea most def im always open 2 meetin new ppl n havin sessions thanks for the welcome
  6. Welcome aboard.

    I'm moving to Cambridge in two semesters or so, for about a year just to finish up school. I'm coming from NJ to a naked apartment in Mass, so all GC members in the area are welcome to come over and christen the place with mad L's and glass rips.

    I'm just going to bring nug from Jersey so I don't have to deal with those first days/weeks of not knowing where to go for dankage. I'm sure that will change quickly though.

    I am SO incredibly stoked about the decriminalization there, remember I'm coming from NJ!

    Anyway, what's the deal in regard to growing in Mass?
  7. yo im about an hour north in new pretty new to GC but ive been smoking for about 4 years.
  8. that'whats up! I'll def be there to help you christian the place and welcome you 2 boston.
  9. Welcome, nice to see another New Englander!
  10. 617 is where it's at.

    I've been going to the Freedom Rally in The Commons for four years now.
  11. sup man from a fellow mass smoker. western mass over here tho, but still cool to see new MA folks.

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