new from illinois

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by trippy08, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. im new to this site but not new to pot!! im from Orland Park IL. a southwest suburb of chicago ive been smoking the herb for about 3 years now..:smoking:

    anybody on here from around chicago?!?!
  2. Yup, i'm from the Western suburbs reppin' the 630!

    Welcome to the city. :wave:
  3. Haha, I'm right around you!

    Reppin' that 708!
  4. 815 represent welcomes you to GRASS CITY DOT COM
  5. thanks for the welcome guys!! and its nice to see someone else reppin that 708 area code
  6. Hey I'm new too
    and i've always been smoking pot for 3 years
  7. i'm fairly new to the area as well. nice to see people out by me. i'm in the 708, forest park.
  8. dirty 6thirty Naperville over hurr
  9. Welcome man. 815 smoker here :)

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