New from Dallas/Arlington

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kprime99, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hey, whats going on yall?
    new to this site from the dallas area :wave:
    been smoking for about 3 and a half years now
    anyone here from the d.f.-dub?
  2. Heya man! :wave: I'm new here as well, I'm over in the H.E.B local. and DAAMN is it dry over here.

    Stay cool man :smoking:
  3. welcome man, I'm from dfw myself.
    I hope you ain't serious?!?
    We should rip shit up bro I fuckin' live in Arlington
    Near Cowboys
  5. thanks for the welcomes..
    shit yeah dude, i'm prolly like 15 minutes away from all that
  6. Haha wtf, do you live by Six Flags?( no rapist lol)

    And go to the Texas Smokers thread it's a shitload of us here man
  7. off beltline
    not too far really
  8. Lmao weird bro, maybe one day we'll smoke up hell I could know you right now and we wouldn't even know it, cuz I know like everybody from that area
  9. haha, nah man...i just moved out here from Garland..
    gonna be going to uta
    we should smoke some for damn sure
    and where's that texas thread? can't find it
  10. Ah shit I can' t either man, but go to the profile editor and put Texas in your location, and it'll come to you because the OP usually is like "oh shit your from Texas!! Check out my thread" lol that's how I found it
  11. coo, I'll try that out
    gonna go get some good in mesquite right now
    still gotta find a connect here in arlington :rolleyes:
  12. oh shit
    dont say that, because a whole buncha dicks will get on you and be like "NO ASKING FOR CONNECTS!" and you'll get the banhammer lol

    And a good way to build up your rep here is to post budshots so when you get back put some pics of the bud up bro !
  13. lol..
    i'll clarify that i'm not asking for a connect for the mods..
    but if you have aim or something and in the dallas

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