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new from costa rica

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ciego24, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. hello from costa rica, here weed is not legal anywhere and its really hard to get, and most of the times is really bad weed, but we hope that change sometime, i had like 14 years been a pothead jaja and i really want to start grow very nice weed and this forum has all the right answers, thanks to all potheads in this forum.....
  2. Hey...always nice to meet someone new!
    I've always wanted to visit there....whats the weather like?
  3. hi trixa the weather is very nice, long sunny days in summer and in winter theres a couple of months withs lost of rain but also nice
  4. I was in Costa Rica for a couple months recently. Which part are you from? I lived in Cartago
  5. hey i am from desamparados
  6. You can walk on jaco beach for five minutes and find someone who deals. Its practically legal in jaco
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    Most people seem to post beach wise, I've not come across much posts at all regarding cannabis around areas such as Escazú, San Pedro, Santa Ana, Uruca, Heredia, Alajuela, amongst pretty much anywhere where you can actually get good fucking weed for actual prices.
    However, most people who do weed here are into it in a..sort of sad kinda way,
    Wanting simply something to get high with, and not willing to spend much at all on cannabis, it makes for crappy  filtration in the general cannabic culture of anything involving it here.
    It is worthy of noting that given the entire significance of the country's nature, most earth will yield a potent crop, even if grown from the seeds that come in dirty shwag
    Since you can get eights of an ounce ranging from usually 5.000 ($10 plus or minus fluctuation) but as low as 3.000 ($6) if you're getting shwag, brick, jam or pressed (mostly all refered to as "jam")
    To 25.000 ($50) for your regular good green to even 35.000 ($70) for most greens or cripi's as they refer to them here. And you can get serious high quality strains for your $70 if you're that kind of consumer.
    You can however get anything and most dealers will cut you prices by amounts or how much they got from the grow and stuff like that.
    However as well, it is important to approach with a general conciousness that most people have limited knowledge, even if it is extent and true, you will find people not knowing genetics or effects or anything regarding the plants they are either giving or getting.
    Some exclusions made, that is. B)
    Quite simple to get hooked up and a pretty regular constant flow of crops throughout the country

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