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  1. Hey guys!

    I've been reading a lot on this forum lately and I like it! Anyways, I'm from Quebec ,Canada so my english isn't always perfect:) I'm pretty high right now so I'm too lazy to describe myself more:smoke:

    See ya later!
  2. New... frog? I opened it up expecting to see pics of some dude getting a frog. Then I saw no pics and thought you were asking about getting a new frog. Then I realized that this is in the introduce yourself thread. Then I realized I'm very high. :D

    Welcome to the city. :wave:
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    Ha ha! That's cool! Actually, I wrote frog because english canadians call us (french canadians) "frogs". I just kinda wrote that without thinking that nobody would understand it.

    Hey I just realized you are from Ontario!

  4. That I am, and I've never heard anyone call you guys frogs. We just say the french, or Quebecians. :D

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