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New Fro Slide

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by deadeye007, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Bored on a Friday night so I figured I'd post up some pics of this new Fro I recently got.

  2. Mike Fro does some amazzing work!!
  3. Very nice man!! Not the norm for a Fro slide at all
  4. wow that is really different man, Fro is not one to usually do slides like that, the intricate work of the teeth is insane. how big is the bowl i cant really tell. it is a very unique piece congrats
  5. Thanks guys!

    yeah it's alot different compared to his other style. It's like 6 maybe.
  6. My myyyy.

    That's an Amazing Fro slide man, first I've seen of this style by him.

  7. Awesome, yet very creepy. hmmmm
  8. Oh my... new favorite slide ever. Mind if I ask the price?
  9. Was $150 total.
  10. Some nug shots of some pretty decent stuff between the line of beast and headies.

    This was about a 4.5 gram nug
  11. very awesome! is that supposed to be like, an octopus tentacle? :smoke:

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