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Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. To those who are making funnies in the forums where there are no moderators listed.....

    These forums are moderated by the super mods... We have enough to do with out going into these forums and deleting the BS post that are being made about not having any mods... All the forums are moderated and if this continues, People will start getting banned...

    Please take this to heart...
  2. ok ok. sorry dude.

    didnt mean to make extra work for ya...

    just venting ... and i thought it funny to take advanta~

    well.. anyways..


    respect due.

    thnx for keepin this place safe and clean.
  3. I figured by posting this that others will not follow your footsteps LOL

    It's not to bad to do it a couple of times, but if 20 others do it. that will take up alot of the mods time...

    Clean your feet real good before walking on the clean floors! LOL
  4. * wipe wipe wipe *


  5. I noticed there were no mods for many forums right now, but I didn't want to bring it to everyone's attention and have them start posting stuff that would make more your for the supers. Hopefully this will help everyone to remember that this only remains a great site as long as people have respect.
  6. if by respect you mean doobies and mountain dew then yes
  7. pretty sure he meant.

    something besides that...pancake and a smoke maybe?
  8. All this crazy stuff happens when I'm gone for two days...jeez, I need a new monitor.

    (I'm at my mom's house doing the laundry :D)

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