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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mickey.T, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Feels good to say that i was the first poster here :) lol !! in your face critter :p

    Peace :)
  2. Please if you are going to put something in MY face make sure it as least a loaded pipe, a lit joint, or a smoking blunt. All other offers will be declined unless they are some smoking apartus filled with high grade ganja.

    thankin you in advance

  3. Since when did I grow outdoors? Ahhhhh
  4. me and my friends just got a couple of seeds and we're about to plant em outside its gonna be great.. i gotta get a digi cam......
  5. Had no room in my tent for a OG Kush, Power Plant and Sweet tooth so put them outside a few moths ago from 1L pots, they were less than 1ft tall. They are doing well now can't wait for flower!!


    Sweet tooth, about 3ft wide!


    Power Plant, it's in veg any ideas on the size it will get in flower hhaa?


    Little auto's, I am stabilizing my own strains this year! It does smell amazing

    Anyone else got anything going?

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