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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by MistaBrosky420, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello Grasscity,

    I was thinking that we really should have an entire tab to our rights in our respectable countries. I think that GC users could all greatly benefit from having coverage of their rights, such as:

    If the PoPo show up at your door.

    If the PoPo want to search your car or a personal bag etc

    Your rights in each state for carrying cannabis.

    How to handle situations with the police.

    What to say and do when confronted with the 5-0.

    Your rights if your growing

    Your right to be silent.

    Etc, Etc, Etc.

    Even though there are specific threads randomly throughout the forum focusing on this subject, i was thinking we should have another entire "Tab" for Example... Seasoned Tokers

    Everybody deserves the right to know there rights, and when your getting put on the front of the cop car there really nice to know... well.. i guess by that point you've already fucked up. Ya'll get the point.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  2. google covers all those topics
  3. discussion of marijuana is not allowed here
  4. First off, should be in feedback forum.

    Secondly, regional tabs would be really really unwieldy. I mean, how would you even divide them? GC has users from all over the world. Even if you just did one forum for every country you're talking about adding 50 to 200 new forums. YIKES.

  5. I'm not saying I think GC should devote a whole area to law, but the vast majority of blades are from the US or Canada.

    If you add in the UK and Australia then I would guess you've covered over 99 percent of the GC population. So it would really only need to be four.
  6. This is the first idea I think I've ever liked for this forum

    Too many people don't know their rights

  7. Ya. but here you can discuss them, hence why were all on a forum... to discuss a related topic... I honestly didn't know there was a tab for feedback so.. my bad.. but still i mean it's already started here..

    and ya i liked that one guys idea of 4 tabs



    UK(General Rights) and within this they could talk about each countries specific rights through threads.


    and voila. I mean it can NEVER hurt to know your rights and could save a lot of GC users from a lame behind bars kind of fate. Power to the Counter Culture =P

    The Brosky:smoke:

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