New forum and categories, feedback please!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. Hi dear members,

    as you can see ,I've made some extra categories and forums, please let me know what you think (is it ok or bad), are we going in the right direction or are we too crowded with topics? I hope everybody stills enjoys the board! Peace and thank you for your presence at the board.


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  2. The new forms seem great to me, I dont think we need anymore forms that are not marijuana related but a marijuana form is always a good form.Look at Cannabis Culture they have a shit laod of forms and seem to be doing just fine. Now all we need is more members but time will bring that :D
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  3. had less people or forums?
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  4. Hey superjoint ,

    Well you could send us all a nice bag-o-buds.
    j/k :eek:


    1 Forum = All growing

    Don't take offence guys ,just going by # of posts/replies.

    We are one.........why divide us geographically ? 1 Forum

    I really do like the bag idea...........maybe Airline tickets........ :)(one way) :)

    el roacho
  5. i think many forums can be merged but i think we need one more forum. Rants and stoned thoughts.

    general growing, indoor and out door can be merged.

    roaches bag of buds idea wasnt too bad eather :)
  6. OK what forums should be deleted or merged, My personal opinion is that if many people will start to use the forums more regurarly when we go online with the new site, the way it is now it should be ok, but I'm open for suggestions. I asked about some forums to be deleed, but everybody seems to have his favorite forum :), which make it difficult to delete or merge stuff. i want everybody to have his say you know!

    let me know what you think guys!


  7. Now I'm totally off the subject, but I just have only one question:

    Why did you remove the "Money On Delivery"-option in the shop? It's only creditcard now, I haven't got one. It was there a couple of months ago when I ordered a bamboo bong and a glass waterpipe. I just noticed it, when I was about to order a colourchanging pipe.

    No big deal, but I'm getting bored smoking out of the same pipes all the time. Also thought that bag-idea was a good one!
    Keep up the good work guys! And oh, BTW, Amsterdam be aware, me and my friends are coming down to visit some coffeeshops in August. So get ready to toke with some polarbears from north! Red light district rules!
  8. all my opions on the forums

    add a Rants and stoned thoughts forum

    general growing, indoor and out door can be merged.

    under news united states should be United States and Canada or even North America News

    and lets not forget the big bag of buds. lol
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  9. There needs to be a Coffeeshop forum or perhaps an Amsterdam forum or both. This will allow for people travelling to AMS to get information about coffeeshops they want to visit or just AMS info. It would be a great thing!

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