New form of hotboxing...

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by On-the-go_toker, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. So, im sure its been thought of and done before but my roommate didnt want to blaze it up tonight with me so i decided to nostalgia a bit and use my blanket on my bed as a cover to form a fort. With the laptop i'm typing this post with, i can provide the necessary toking music and light. :hello:
    Has anyone else ever thought of or tried this before? definitely an interesting way to get toasted, thats for sure. plus i feel like a kid at camp again with the flashlight reading hardy boys in my sleeping bag.

    Just wanted to share that with ya. happy toking!:smoke:
  2. Just make sure you don't run out of oxygen because then you cant smoke :(
  3. or much of anything really.
  4. I love making forts :)
  5. this makes me wanna make a fort like when i was a kid now lol....maybe tonight after hitting the bong
  6. I do this in my room when i don't want it to smell so dank or get so hazy, it works really well with a down comforter. Gets so boxed, then you just compact it and bam, come out for fresh air and enjoy yo self ;).
  7. LOL this is a fantastic idea :)
  8. Fuck yeah, i'm going to fucking do this!
  9. Making forts AND smoking?
    I have to try this, sounds like fun. :D
  10. Try hotboxing with in the shower with the heat on blast. I usually take a poop while smoking when the shower's on and wash down. Feels like I'm being born everytime :D
  11. that blanket is gonna smell like shit bro
  12. lol I wanna try it now too. But I also think id run out of oxygen. :cool:

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