New First Grow in Cash Crop 2.7

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by westcoastsosa, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Hey you guys, I'm new here so sorry if I do any of this wrong. I ordered the Cash crop 2.7 from Dealzer. I know it's overpriced but I wanted to get the hang of growing and then move into a bigger cabinet that ill end up making. But anyway, I ordered the 3ft model with the co2 system (which claims the harvest time will be 2 weeks sooner). So it comes with 3 CFL 6500k Grow bulbs and 3 2700k Flowering bulbs. (180 w per stage of growing). I was thinking of getting 4 more 6500k and 2 more 2700k with 2 more power strips to add to the sides of the box. Any tips? Also it comes with a 1 gallon bucket with 6 dinky net pots. I was thinking of buying two 2 gallon net pots to maybe grow a bigger plant. Would this work? I just got my seeds in the mail today. 1Acapulco Gold, 1Purple Haze, 1Super Silver Haze, 1Hawaii MauiWaui. They sent 2 freebies a Dinachem and a Blue Thai. Ill be using the 2 freebies for the first grow. When I head to Lowes should I get a ph test? How about the humidity since im adding a few extra lights? I just want some real poetent stuff with a decent yield to last from harvest to harvest. I smoke maybe 2 ounces a month if I have the cash:/. But the dispenseries in my area haven't been up to par so I'm gonna start my own grow. Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!
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  2. Ill post pics of the grow box once it comes in the mail.
  3. I wouldnt grow more than one plant in that small of a space, unless you plan on keeping them very small. I would definitely look into a little more light as well.
    Also, ditch that see through reservoir. I cant believe they would even sell that and claim you can pull 5 pounds a year. You wont pull anything but sick plants out of that the way it sits.

    Im not saying you cant grow a lil bud in that box, but dont expect to even get close to that claim they are making. With 180 watts of cfl, you will be lucky to pull enough to get you by till the next harvest.
    Im not trying to piss on your parade bro, I too started off trying to make it happen in small "stealth" setups. However after wasting a ton of time and money, I figured out that hid lighting and a larger space was the only way to go. At least for me anyhow.

    I wish ya luck man. Keep us posted.

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  4. Yea i was a bit skeptical with that 5 pounds a year claim. Kinda smelled bullshit haha. But no, i mean i wasnt expecting anything too crazy, id be pretty happy if the little thing could get me a few OZs to just burn thru. Just so I could get the feel of growing a bit. I have a cabinet that can be converted to a grow space, its pretty big and has 2 compartments, so would be perfect to grow and then cure in the upper compartment which has a hanging rack. But yea im gonna get rid of the bucket they provide. Id ideally want to grow 2 plants in it. So what size net pots should i get? Also is the amount of lights Im planning to get too much? Im gonna grow the DinaChem and Blue Thai. Thanks for your reply btw.
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    Could i use a couple 3.5 gallon DWC systems in the allotted space? Or maybe one? Im going to LST, so that should give me some room at the top to work with right?
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    Finally got the box in the mail after a month, I'm gonna post a pic of the set up, let me know what I should replace, and what else to get. Thanks in advance
  7. Looks like somewhere you could veg some seedlings. Maybe grow some spinach or chillies in.

    What guarantee do they have with the claim? Like a money back offer?.

    Sorry mate but I doubt you would get more than 2 ounces. So 8 ounces a year if you get 4 grows out of it.

    I guess the other 4 pounds and 8 ounces you get from a dispensary.

    Hope you do better than my guess I really do.
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    Not sure if they have any money back guarantee I'd have to check, but I didn't think I was going to get anywhere near the 5 pounds. It was a gift, expensive lol but I didn't put any money out for it so I just wanted to try and learn some techniques that I can use when I start my bigger grow. I guess maybe ill just plant one in here see what it gets me. 2 oz is better then nothing since I pay $400+ a month smoking:p. Thanks for your reply
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  9. that "hydro" unit is a POS IMO
    who in thier right mind makes a clear rezy? can you say algae bloom ? relpace it with a simple 5 gallon DWC , and only pull one plant per grow. and scrog em 4 best results in that beast( LMAO) IMHO.
    ADDITION/ Nevermind that thing is only 3 feet tall..use a 2.5-3 gallon DWC bucket...
    then thereis the lights..those CFLs( they're 60 watters yes?) have a penetrating power of like 6 those will need to be replaced.
    Either look into a simple 150-250 watt HID, with an Air Cooled hood.  prolly run you between 75-150 bones, if you're couragous . you can eve try craigslist for used. they do show up ( alot more these days ..). Or replace those little CFL with bigger ones like a couple 150-200 watters ( this may be the best option cause of heat issues)
    also.....exactly what does a 50 dollar CO2 Boost Enhancer look like? Cause if it doesnt have valves, gauges, and pressurized tanks, it aint gonna cut it. Besides no new grower needs CO2( just wasting money & resources) add that after you got all the other shit pegged and are throwing hattricks each harvest. And only then if your shit is air tight, AND getting too hot.
    and FTR flower time is genetic, there is no way outside of breeding a new strain, to speed up the time from pistil onset, ( start of flower) to the chop... its all in the genes, not the air quiality.
    on the plus side..when you do're gonna have the best damn mother closet ever!!!!! clones for days !!!!!!!
  10. Thanks for your advice! Now I have something to actually go and get. I have about $250 to use for supplies. I was looking into one 3 gallon dwc system for about 30 bucks. And ill look into the lights see where my money will get me the most. What about the nutes? Is that crap too? Should I buy some new ones? It's 19-8-13 moon dust
  11. I always suggest Lucas Formula as a nutrient schedule for a new growers. ( i'll save you the google)
    reasons are pretty damn simple
    A. it is incredibly simple to use & understand.
    B. is super cheap
    C. if followed, its damn tough to burn or def. your girls ( that will happen when you start to experiment with the formula..and you will)
    no clue about the moon dust..but I do have a small rule about hydro chems/gear.
    "if it is marketed to cannabis growers only ..its a rip off"
    See most canna growers, start and only grow cannabis. therefore they leave/miss all the knowledge that most hydro growers use to make say your hot house tomatoes, and romain lettuce. which is invaluable IMNSHO to keep costs down , and quality up.
    I grew up growing herbs ( basil, parsely, edible flowers, etc) hydroponiclly for the family business.( dad also had a small canna grow in the basement thru the 80s, where I learned a little too), so my viewpoints on canna cropping can be a touch diffrent then others.
  12. I found a 3 gallon dwc system on eBay for $37 with an 8 inch net pot. I was planning to get grow stones, and I also found 4 150w=33w cfls for $22 would this work?
  13. If it were me, I would go with a Feliz 250-300 watt cfl. I use to run a 250 watter in a space about that size for veg. They put off an acceptable amount of light and little heat. Go with one plant and scrog it. Then you may be somewhat happy with your yield. Trust me, if you are doing upgrades to that space, make sure they are upgrades that can be incorporated into your new grow spaces in the near future. Why? Because it wont be long before you are expanding. Save yourself alot of time, money, and aggravation, and use that box to veg or keep a mother or 2 in, and get or build a tent or two to flower in. Believe me, you will be glad you did.
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    I just placed an eBay order. I got the general hydroponics 3 set kit for the Lucas formula nute regimen. I got a 3 gallon dwc bucket with a 6 inch net pot. 1 lb of hydroton clay. And 3 40w usage=150w output daylight cfls. What about lights for the flowering stage? I looked into the Feliz 250 watter but it was too long for my setup so I went with the 3 smaller ones. Ill post pics once it all comes and then ill be able to get it started.
  15. If I were you I would just use what you have and replace parts as needed.
  16. Yea that's probably the best advice. When it all comes in the mail I'm just gonna go ahead and start the grow. I have a space here in the basement that would be pretty damn good for my next grow also. So what I learn will be used in my next grow and that will be sole epic shit lol
  17. I, like you, bought this same box and ended up almost immediately making a second box for some more space. I'm growing a Sour Deisel right now in the Dealzer box, its been flowering for about 4 weeks now and overall looks great, green, healthy, big fan leaves ... except for several burn spots from when I left for a few days and she grew into the lights.
    I got a square plastic tote which I lined with aluminum tape to reflect the light back out. The tote itself holds a little over 4 gallons which I like just as much for the ability to level out the reservoir temps and ph levels as I do for how much higher it lifted the plants to the lights. I went to Lowes and got some lawn spike lamps that came with a short extension cord attached. Remove the little screw that holds the spike on and voila! lights hang at a perfect height for seedlings and new plants.  
    I ended up adding two 26w lights to the provided 13w lights and the five lights seem to be treating the plant real well. However, this is only a single plant, that I started to flower after only 2 weeks veg, any longer veg or any more plants and there wouldn't be any room to even shut the door.
    This pic is from earlier in veg when I had the lights hanging low..
    And this is just the one plant taken last night. The other plant turned out to be a male.
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    That looks like a great grow in there! Let me know what kind of yield you pull. I just received the last of my order and unfortunatly the dwc 3 gallon is too big, ill take a pic but it looks like I'm going to have to use something else. I have 3 200watt 2700lumen cfls, Flora Micro, Flora Bloom and Flora Gro, hydroton rocks, RO water bottles and I also recieved a bag of boost buddy from dealzer. Not sure if I should use it

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    Thanks! For sure, I'm still about a month out i'm guessing but I'll let you know. I thought a round container might be weird in there. Just take measurements of your inside dimensions and go to Wal-Mart. I found a clear plastic bin that quite literally fit perfect, I even had to trim the lid a little bit to get the door to close. Then just sealed the top with foil tape.
    3 200 watters?! Damn, that's going to be nice in that space.
  20. Cherokee what are your plants in? The little cubes

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