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new fire pick up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by derrtynat, May 23, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]Hey guys just got about a quarter of this for head stash and man it really smells good. It taste and gets me higher than the moon. My guy always comes through with flame but i dunno what strain it is could u guys help identify..?

  2. nicelooking nugs. how much was the quarter?
  3. I paid 95 for the quarter
  4. looks really good, we can't identify the strain with pics but looks multi-colored..mmmm
  5. not a bad price either.
  6. like he said, pics cant help i.d weed but it definitely looks like some killer herb
  7. looks nice. good price too. excelent pickup.
  8. nice pick-up my friend, enjoy it :smoking:
  9. Great looking nugs, little steep, but hey, its dank. Its impossible to tell a strain from pics. Most stuff isn't any specific strain anyway, but that doesn't make it less dank.
  10. dude how is your hand not burning? thats fire!
  11. damn that looks nice as fuck smoke one for me
  12. choice nugs, im chillin on one 7.0g nug of some bubblegum and another 7.8 nug of the purple power plant :)
  13. Mr Waffles has officially certified that pot as fire. You all can now continue on with the rest of your lives.

    Thread closed.

  14. haha you posted right at 420:smoking:

    OP: Looks like some nice weed man.:bongin:

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