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  1. OK guy's I was given a new fertalizer that wes just developed by a company localy it's called "Messenger" This stuf made my plants go f... nuts, fat stocks and lots of flowering tops. Messenger makes the plant think that it is being attact and builds up its defence system. check out there website it will explain more. Well worth it.

    this is from there web site.
    Features of Messenger include:

    Simultaneous activation of natural plant systems to:
    Enhance plant growth, crop yield and quality.
    Protect against a broad array of viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, including some for which no effective treatment is currently available.
    Enhance resistance to attacks by insects, decreasing potential for damage.
    Effectiveness across a wide array of crops.
    Improved food safety.
    Reduced risk of environmental damage.
    Increased worker safety.
    Messenger is an ideal product to serve as the foundation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. When plants are healthy, they are better prepared to resist attacks by diseases, insects and environmental stresses, resulting in a more effective and judicious use of pesticides for enhanced crop protection. In addition, Messenger does not disrupt natural or introduced populations of beneficial predators and parasites that are often an integral component of an IPM program. Messenger can be used throughout the growing season as a tool that not only enhances disease and insect resistance, but also promotes growth and optimal plant health.
  2. Firstly...please no advertising enless you contact superjoint first..:)

    and the site doesn' work anyhow...

    "" was not found.

    Please search the web or try one of our
    helpful links below to find what you're looking for.

  3. it wasn't ment as an add. just a recomendation to check it out. it worked well for me and i have no affiliation with them. try my spelling was off sorry about the cofusion. i'll check befor making any more recomendations.

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