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  1. hi

    can anyone explain the best way to use these fans, i have
    5 of them, they feel very powerfull and the speed can be adjusted.

    my growroom is 60x45x50 and a height of 100

    it is in loft all sealed and insulated

    i know this will be hard to explain

    would be very gratefull for any help

    oh and i think the fans are 300 to 600/s

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  2. Good blower you have there...if possible mount it at the highest point of area,,on end wall(gable end) blowing direct to the outside....1 of those should evacuate your area quite well...

  3. what size inlet and outlets should i fit mate

    i was thinking 6 inch for inlet and 6 for outlet

    is bigger better
  4. If you could cut the same size rectangle as the exit of the blower,mounted directly to wall,,that would be ideal,,,then you could use 6" intake...if not then yes,,,go with the 6" for both..

  5. thankyou mate

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