New Experience (First Grow)

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  1. So here goes!

    Last week, my buddy and I built my first indoor grow box! (4'D x 3'H x 2.5'W)
    I was having a LOT of trouble deciding on lights.. First it was CFL's... THEN it was T-5's... THEN it was T-5 % HPS... and FINALLY, I decided on a 250w HPS w/ MH conversion. I know its not a lot of power.. but it's what I could afford.

    So now.. the seeds. I actually quit smoking about two months ago, so I had a buddy give me a bunch of bag seeds he had laying around. Just garbage as far as quality goes, but I am in now way, spending money on seeds until I know what I'm doing!

    Right now, they are in 6" pots, with Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I will have to eventually transplant to bigger pots, but for now, they will do. Havent decided on any nutes as of yet, but will have to go shopping next weekend. I'm lucky enough to have a HTG Supply in driving distance, and they have TONS of shit to keep me going.

    Well, not much else to report as of now, but hopefuly with this sick ass MH beaming down like rays of golden sun, I will have lots of fun here REAL soon!

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  2. Day 7 veg.

    Feeling quite discouraged. I thought I would see a lil more action as far as growth goes. If a lot of people only veg for a month, I think my plants are under achievers to say the least.
    They have a great set up, and should be loving life. Highs of 85F, and lows of 71 at night with no lights. 40-45% humidity constant. Haven't been over watering them, or using nutes. Got great FF soil.... WTF is their problem?!:mad:

    They are going to need to be watered tomorrow, and I'm thinking of picking up some molasses tonight. I heard it promotes root growth, which couldn't hurt.

    No pics, cause theres NOTHING to see. Maybe in a few more days.

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