New England tokers! The 2009 freedom rally is approaching!

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  1. As I'm sure all of you are aware, the annual Boston freedom rally is next weekend! Starting with the middle east Friday night, and all day in the common saturday, this year should be one of the best ever, with the decriminalization act. Who's gonna Come out and support the cause that we all love!

    -the hobbit.
  2. hey whats the date for this? I'm in Duxbury.
  3. Not the OP, but, the schedule is as follows:

    Fri 9/18 circa 8pm
    18+ Pre-Party
    The Middle East Upstairs
    472 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
    $10 ticket fee

    Sat 9/19 @ noon
    Boston Common
    Freedom Rally
  4. I will be there with friends. It's gonna be sweet!
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    Dont live in Boston but def traveling 4 hrs to support this event....if any1 is interested in more info the website for the freedom rally is
  6. will be heading there with a few friends. 3 hour drive.

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