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New England Prices?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by jobes921, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Anyone from the Rhode Island/Mass area here? If u are.. how much u get buds for?

    O of mids:
    O of beasters:
    O of fire:

    Post pics if u can.

    Personaly i get:

    O of mids: around 120 for grade A mids.
    O of beasters: Around 200-240 Depending on quality
    O of fire: 350-400, again depending on quality.
  2. I get these for 110 a half so it'd be 200 an oz.

  3. I'm living in southern maine... the prices are pretty standard around here

    mids are usually 25-30 an 1\8th... not sure of an O price

    an o of beasters can be anywhere from 200-275 depending on quality..(how dry, crystally they are.. seems to be alot of wet beasters.. uhky. )

    an O of some fire would run anywhere from 325-400 definatly..
    I recently just got an oz of some skunk #1 and it ran me 375..
    60 a slice... kinda ridiculous but hey.. i think thats normal heady price
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    Ya you're definatly talking about Plymouth and not Penn State :eek:.

    100-120 a zip for shit twice as leafy and half as buddy(Mids) as the stuff above me.

    Edit: Shit that might even be middies to you.
  5. Oh yeah man. I'm not good enough to get into Penn State!
  6. are those nittany lions smoking wet gross beasters? :-\

    seems to always be plenty of those..

    there really bomb if you get em all dry, trimmed and cured right
  7. Northshore Mass prices

    Mids> couldn't tell you, haven't bought mids in years
    KB> 200-250
    Headies> 300-400
  8. Thats about the same as my area of Mass.

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