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New England Prices for weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cookie__monster, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. just wondering what all the prices around new england are for weed
    mids beas headys
    gram 8th oz etc

  2. an eighth will run you like around 60 for dank, 30 range for mids
  3. Where I am, 1g = $20 for what they consider heads. Personally it sucks but when you've got nothing else it'll do.
  4. north central mass.
    $25 mid 8ths
    $45 kb 8ths
    $65 dank 8ths
  5. central CT is overpriced.

    lookin at
    $45 mid 1/8
    $80 haze 1/8
  6. Southwest CT (NY suburbs)

    30$ 1/8 mids
    65 1/8 kb

    400-500 / ounce depending on strain.

    I only use mids to tide me over between good ZZZZZs
  7. Dont settle for anything more than...

    Avg Eighth Of Mids is 25
    Avg Eighth Of KB is 25-30
    Avg Eighth Of Headies 55-60
    Avg Eighth For Dankest shit is 60-65
  8. must be nice in your town Nick but it isnt like that by me
  9. was about to say the same

    given that i get most of my stuff from friends, it goes a little differently than if i had an actual dealer. 1/8th of beasters is about 40ish 1/8th of dank is more like 50-60
  10. For me it goes like this (MA btw)

    15-25 per 1/8th of mids
    25-35 per 1/8th of KB
    60-70 per 1/8th of dank

    Headies are soo expensive out here for some reason :\ fuck $400 ounces.
  11. South shore MA


    Can get anything in between which can get annoying sometimes.
  12. 8th's 25$-Mids 55-Dank

    In Northern Maine
  13. Northern NH 1/8th,

    mids - $25-35
    kb - $40-50
    dank - $60
  14. haha this guy asks for new england prices and most people give him the prices in their state lol
  15. Northern MA

    5 for gram of mid/ 50-60 for 1/2 ounce, 80-120 for full ounce - mids
    10 for gram of kb/ 70-90 for 1/2, 120-160 for full ounce- kb
    20 a gram of dank/ 200 for 1/2, 350-400 for full ounce- dank
  16. i live in vt and trust me prices suck in new england...go out west..

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