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  1. Hey guys,

    Planning my first grow for this spring, but have never really grown before. I would rather grown indoors but parents are a issue. Figured i might as well get a good outdoor grow under my belt. I live in Massachusetts and would love any info for help anyone could give me.
  2. Hey dude, welcome to GC. :)

    Im going to be growing outdoors 1st time to waiting for spring, im on the same page as you. Ive done many researching for the past month. Im just waiting for the damn winter to end, 3 or so months left. I met this clever, nice person that has helped me with my questions. I think it would be good to share the knowledge he has given me:

    A simple chicken wire fence just aroun each plant kinda like I have on my grow is pretty good , but if you can't get your hands on that Ive used fishing wire pretty successfully and even shit loads of sticks around the plants . Things like soap
    , dog shit , moth balls and anything with a strong scent should keep some pests away too [Smilie]
    But if u can find or steal any chicken wire I would get on it [Smilie]

    Peat moss is good , and not a bone there's something called blood and bone should be at your hardware store / nursery [Smilie]
    Yeah just mix together whatever you can afford in your holes and leave it to cool down for about a month [Smilie]
    By natural soil I mean the soil you dig out of the holes your gonna plant into (if your planting in the ground )
    For 5 good holes with good Rose soil , peat moss , Manure and some perlite it would probably cost at least $50 so $10 per hole , and if you do it properly you will make a lot more money back [Smilie]

    Hope this helps u man! You can PM or 420outdoor for any more questions, take care.

  3. Im just wondering how big of a hole you have to dig? Also if tomato cages would work?
  4. Anyone else have any advice for growing in new england?
  5. Not sure what strain you plan on growing but you should make sure it will finish before the frost hits. My first year growing outdoors I used bagseed and some finished on time while others could have used at least a couple more months. I know I was very disappointed when I had to harvest plants that werent ready. Maybe some other folks from the northeast can help you chose the right strain. I am still trying to figure out the best strains for our area.
  6. Thanks! Could anyone recommend a good outdoor new england strain?
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    U can grow anything outdoors but i woud say northern lights maybe nl#5. I think you have to plant a shitload of them though with deer and animals ect.

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