New England -Outdoor Bud... good/bad?

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  1. new englands temps/weather isnt very stable but im wondering if any 1 in the area of New england in the USA has had any luck harvesting because im considering it outside.
  2. I also live in New England and also wounder if the weather will have an effect on the plants
  3. k so thats 2 people now who wanna know :p
  4. yeah people grow in new england all the time. You either have to plant something you know will finish early or be prepared to harvest some leafy bud. If you know the strain you're growing try something that is a dominant indica.

  5. i have 4 plots set up containing 10 plants each

    1 plot, is bubbalicious:smoking:
    1 plot, is northern lights:confused:
    1 plot, is G-13 seeds:smoking:
    1 plot, is northern lights X Big Bud :confused:

    ** i feel the only ones that arent going to work out will be the northern lights because they are weak when grown outside but the others should do fine, what do u think?
  6. Hey From The Coast of Maine -

    I live about 1 hr up the coast from Portland ME and have been growing outdoors for the last 5 years with no problem.

    I start my seeds inside around the 1st week of May. They live in plastic cups where they can be outside during the day and brought inside at night if the temps are going to be cold. (I leave them outdoors as much as possible trying to make them strong little plants but if it is raining hard or getting cold they come inside for a bit) If they need to be inside during the day I put them under lights. If they are coming in for a cold night they sit in the dark. I try to match the daylight hours that are happening in my area.

    Around the 1st week of June they get transplanted out to their summer locations and live outdoors until harvest time (Early to mid Oct) with no problems. I do live near the coast and temps do tend to be a bit warmer in spring & fall near the ocean than if I live inland 15 or more miles.

    If you are going to grow outdoors in New England you definitely want to grow plants that are mostly or all Indica strains. They flower (bud) earlier and the bud cycle tends to be 6 to 8 weeks which is better than the 8 to 12 weeks Sativa plants tend to need to produce fully developed buds. Basically what I am saying is that Indica plants will have time to develop good buds before the temps drop in the fall. Sativa plants would freeze to death before the bud fully formed.

    Outdoor bud from New England is good stuff!! If you have the choice between growing inside or outside - I would grow outdoors under the sun. You will be rewarded for your efforts with some great tasting fall buds.

    Kisses -

    PS - During last summers grow outdoors in this part of Maine all of my plants ended up being over 6 or 7 feet tall and so big you could not get your arms around them!! (About 5 to 6 oz per plant after drying and curing!) So it can work well if you grow the right stuff and take good care of you plants.
  7. sweetness, thank you very much :) now i feel better growing outside :)

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