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  1. Hello, i am new to growing outdoors. I live in mass and am planning to grow in the swamp. it is private swamp and no one has access to it but me! I am cutting in open areas that will get plenty of sunlight. the ground is wet and swampy and i need to wear big boots just to get to the location.. the water gets a few inches deep. I want to get large buckets and cut holes in the bottem and stick them into the water. im planning on filling the bottom with peat moss then a good pro mix soil. what are your thoughts? i need help haha
  2. It won't work. Go to plan b.
  3. umm whats plan B?? haha i told u i was a noob
  4. Danko is rite, what you have described will not work. I did a little swap grow a few years ago. Instead of using buckets, I used grow bags. I placed the grow bags on peices of that super thick blue foam you can buy at homedepot. I added a lip around the top of the foam so the bags would stay in place. When the swap filled up with water the foam platform rose with the water level keeping the roots from root rot. The roots eventually grew out the bag on down the side of the foam into the water......with that said if this is your first grow i dont think id recommend something like this....try to find an area where u can plant in the ground and hone your growing skills.....its not as easy and you only leaern from your mistakes....if this is your first year dont expect to grow pounds dude!

    Stay safe

  5. hmm. i just worried about planting them in the ground becuase out in the swamp there is little ground, its more like tiny "islands" that grow medium sized trees with lots of little sticks. i cant imagine the soil being that fertile. i mean the trees do grow quite large, but bringing in buckets with my own soil mix seems better? then i can just bury them into the water (which really doesnt get very deep, it just stays moist and swampy all summer) and basically create my own fertile islands. Sorry for such beginner questions. i have done indoor hydroponic growing in the past with decent success but with such an abundence of private swamp i really want to fnd the easiet way to play with 5 or so plants and try to grow for each year to come.

  6. Hey man I live in mass too and I'm also doing a swamp grow. What I'm doing is taking a sheet of plywood, putting cynder blocks underneath it to keep it from the water then just planting on that but what I thought you could do is use a platform that is alittle bit below the highest point of the water so when the water rises up there the plant could suck up the water. But idk how it would work out. Oh and just for curiosity, what part of Mass are you from, I live right before the cape.
  7. Using swamp water in the way you guys are thinking of using it would make it impossible to moderate. Most likely you will be able to water with said swamp water, but you--not the swamp--must control the watering. I like your platform idea in the sense that you will be creating some dry ground. That's what you're going to need--dry ground. If there is any possibility at all of your plants getting flooded, then forget it. It won't work.

  8. I was just throwing out idea, just brainstorming. The swamp I plant in is really wet so I use a platform to plant ontop of and water it myself. The great part about swamps is that no one ever goes out there:)
  9. i agree. theres just so much unused space in the swamp and plenty of water. im going to try a few different ideas and see what works. once the snow and ice melts ill take pictures of the area.

    I live in like southeastish mass. kind of close to RI to answer ur question,
  10. yeah I did a swamp grow but used it for protection and stealth, while my plants were on firm ground. Worked great against rippers. I had to go through water every visit (kind of difficult but worked good in the end).

  11. See that's the best part about swamps. No one just randomly wakes up one morning and thinks " hey I'm going to trek through a mile of swamp". But just as a hint to the new swamp grower ( I forget your name and don't feel like checking) hide boots, rubber gloves, and bugspray on dry land right before the swamp so that you can just throw those on really quick and walk out there.

  12. Dude i live like right by you. I live in the southeast and close to RI too.
  13. Your idea sounded good to me, read similar things on ICMAG outdoor section. Do you live near the haunted swamp? Hockamock, around Norton/bridgewater area? just curious.. GF lives right there
  14. yes i live VERY close to the areas you listed. i get a lil sketched about going into too much detail lol
  15. i think your plants are going to mold up. happend to me in my swamp grow. i had 22 gallon rubbermaids filled with soil in the middle of the swamp. we got some bad rain and the water went half way up the 3 ft tal containters and through the drainage holes. plants roots were dprived of oxygen and hurt them alot. flowering stage the humidity in the swamp probably enhanced the mold isituation. but then again i had soime on dry land that molded up too. prpbably because it rained for 3 days str8 a few months back.
  16. thanks ThePot for that link. those tubes look like a good idea. my type of swamp is a little more watery with less grass like plants and more small trees. The water doesnt get that high though so i think those tubes would work well since they are pretty tall. ill just make sure there is plenty of good soil in them. like maybe 20% peat moss bottom, then that peralite stuff. then good orangic soil the rest of the way up the tube, with the tube sticking about 3 feet out of the swamp..... Who knows im gonna try a bunch of methods all summer and just see what works.
  17. so this just gave me an idea ok hypethetically speaking in that situation if you were to replace the soil with coco coir or some other hydro medium then make a spacer for the bottom then have a...lets say solar powered airpump and stone...basically could you make a floating island of bubble buckets that base their hydro off of lake water? i understand the feeding would be a little more difficult but can it be done in everyones honest opinions

    that would be pretty sweet lol

    so the bucket would have a floating ring around it then the inside would be the top 1/3 or 2/3 would be medium either fed or have a feeding mechanism burried in it along with the battery for the small solar panel the bottom third would obviously look like a siv with an air stone ziptied to the bottom ...and the solar panel could potentialy be secured to the top of the plant...that would be a fun project lol

    well im pretty ripped lol so sorry for being rediculous
  18. wow, this is a science.
  19. yea def put it high above that water. dont use the swamp water for your plants. It WILL make your buds taste like shit. also make sure the plants are in direct sunlight all day from sunrise to sunset.i live near there aswell

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