New england growing question

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  1. what day in alril do the plabts go out , and just the seed and water, or germinated. i grew insoors already but never out . i have a perfect two acre property.

    also what strain do you reccomend i buy from the attitude , prefferably easy and high yielding also i want to get a purple strain too, just inform me your beat. thank you hmu for co ops
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    There are lots of threads (esp. recently, at least 2-3 on first 2 pages right here) about these exact subjects, use search. Not to be a dick..
  3. Purple strain that's easy with a high yield, well Frisian dew which is recommended and Hollands hope and even voodoo maybe. I'm doing those three plus some others this summer in new England, we'll see how I do
  4. im can tell your from personal experience in new england, 50% or more of youre plants, any strain, will turn purple because our temps dip in september. But if you want that purple strain flavor, get GDP or something.

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