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  1. Hey guys! This season will be the first time I seriously attempt to grow. I've done some research but I'm not familiar with some of the terms used, so I was wondering if maybe I posted some pics and where I was at with the grow process I could get some assistance? Would be much appreciated.

    I'd like to start off by saying that I started these plants out a week ago when we had some nice weather but I moved them inside because it got cold, of course. I plan to move them back outside when the weather gets warmer (Late april - early may)

    So I germinated all the seeds (like 8 of them) and 3 of them germinated. I had soil gathered from my garden in my front lawn in red plastic cups which i put them all in, and placed them outside for those 3 really warm days we had. Now that I moved them inside and put them under the flourescents, 2 have sprouted and grown to about 2-3 inches and the other one hasnt sprouted quite yet but I can see the root poking up. I suspect this is just because it hasn't been exposed to the sunlight as much as the others because I put that one in a day later.

    I wish I had some pics other than my shitty cell phone ones, but its not really worth it to post them yet because they really dont look much different from any other week old plant :rolleyes:

    So comments, questions, suggestions?

    Thanks, Glockflow :smoke:
  2. sounds good glockflow, keep up the good work i'll be watching this journal as it progresses. What are your plans for once you put them back outside? Type of soil, pots or in ground, fertilizer, etc.
  3. My plan is to just get dirt from the garden and use that in some sort of camo pot but i'm open to any suggestions
  4. What's up man. Make sure that soil from the garden has good drainage, if not mix in some perlite or sand with it. Any ideas on what you're gonna use for ferts?
  5. Don't use fertilizer for a few weeks or you'll burn your plants, the soil has enough nutrients to last a while. If you have questions send me a message, although I'm not a pro like many of the guys in this section.
  6. thanks for the input guys! I would say that yes, it has excellent drainage. It's not too thick but it seems to be fertile enough to get them going strong. As for fertilizers, I have no idea! haha any suggestions?

    **Update** My really nice Nikon, has shit the bed. My logic is that by the time I get a new one, or have it fixed, the plants will actually be worth taking pictures of. Of the 2 that first sprouted, one died due to an accidental over watering, which knocked it over. Tried to save it, but I wouldnt be surprised if its just completely dead. But thats okay because the other one is still going strong and is about 2 and a half inches. I put another germinated seed in a cup and i feel like a day or 2 of sunlight will get it started. I found that when you first put them in the ground, they grow a lot quicker when exposed to sunlight rather than compact flourescents. I also have 5 more seeds germinating and I'll probably put those in tomorrow depending on the root size. I put all of them under 2 compact flourescents over night.
  7. im in new york and its still a little early to be growing in the NE blade
  8. ^ By next week it looks like the temps are on a steady climb.
  9. yeah thats when i was thinking but now, still gets very cold at night... im stilling waiting for my beans -__-

  10. I agree. but to avoid the sketchyness of harvesting when the police will be expecting people to, and for the purpose of having them ready sooner rather than later, I decided to start them out a few weeks early and then move them outside. If anyone has any advice on what to do once I move them outdoors, i'd like to hear it

  11. Hey Glock, that's not going to make them finish any earlier. The plants will automatically begin flowering when they detect the amount of sunlight in the day gets shorter. Starting them earlier won't change that.

    If you have serious concerns with "sketchyness of harvesting" at a certain time, you may want to consider 'autoflowering' plants which flower on their own regardless of the hours of sunlight.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the info! I'll have to look into that a little more because I've never heard of that... got any helpful links with more info? This is really just a learning experience for me so any advice is welcome
  13. lol that's because you are just starting off amigo.... however, even though you are just starting off, this topic is really something you should get ahold of before you begin... If I could offer you one piece of advice that I have picked up in my short time of growing, it's; planning is everything..... if you get in a hurry, you are only going to make mistakes that will cost you (whether that's money, frustration, failed grow, or added risk, they are all able to be mitigated with some time and planning.) So, keep on reading Glock, you have a long ways to go (as do I), but the reward in the end is totally worth it.

    Read these forums. The info you request is readily available right here and if you spend some time reading it, you'll have a much better understanding of whats going on with your grow, and at the same time you won't find yourself posting any questions that have been asked a million times over. Those typically get flamed or ignored simply because many of the veteran growers here want to help people that are serious and not just the many wannabe's. Please don't think I am labeling you as one of them, because I am not. But if you take a look at the forums during this time of year you will see it gets inundated with mass delusions of grandeur ("I'm Gonna Grow 25 elbows of super dank this year in my 1/8 acre back yard, how do I hide from my mom and dad")

    in any case; here's some links to the info you requested.... good luck man,
  14. let me also mention the positive side effect of you starting early... whereas it's not going to finish earlier, the fact that they will be veg'ing this long, you could very well have some monster plants by the end of the season..... take a few mins to research how to train the plants as it will dramatically increase the amount you yield in the end...... by training, I am referring to LST (low stress training), fimming, super cropping, topping, etc.).

    I started this early last year and had a 14' white widow before most peoples plants were 4 feet.

    lol, that may sound good but in the end I dreaded it because I couldn't really get to the top of the plant to inspect for pests, mold, etc..... also, she lost her obscurity by towering over the surrounding vegetation....
  15. haha well then looks like I'll probably be investing in a ladder, if what you say is true about the potential height. Durtee, you've been a big help, +rep
  16. tyvm for the rep. Glockflow, appreciate it! Yeah, with this much time in veg. you could definitely have some towers growing there.

    so now that they have a few weeks under their belts, how are they looking?
  17. Interested.. I'm a fellow resident of New England.
  18. no problem, I figure you deserve credit for the helpful links! They are coming along well, thank you. They were, for the most part, put in at different times but they are all about the same height of around 3 inches tall, 4-6 leaves each.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about the type of soil i should be using? Just tell me what to look for.

    Also now that they are getting bigger, red plastic cups probably wont do much good. Any suggestions on how I should move them safely out of the cups?

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