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New Eighth of mids pickup today.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by toke it up1986, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Picked up an eighth of mids for 30$ it weighed out to 4.0 cause he owed me .5, Post your feedback.:smoke:

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  2. Hmm, pic is kinda small to see, but it may look like some beasters. Seeds/stems?
  3. nom nom nom mids


    wtf you live in delaware!
  4. 30 an eighth? Yikes. Talk your dealer down to 30 a quarter man.

    120 a half of schwag? WTF.
  5. wow that looks way more than a 1/8 but scales never lie, must be fluffier than normal
  6. Lol its 30 and eighth cause its not schwag? I usually pay 25 an eighth my boy was just low.

    And yes i do live in delaware....?

  7. LOL! I pay $25-$30 an eighth
    $40-$50 a quarter
    $70-$90 a half
    and $120-$140 for a ounce.
    not bad prices imo, just wish the bud was a little bit better.

  8. mids here 60 a half and 120 an O but its a drive to get them. Only use for cooking purposes. :D
  9. mids in my neck of the woods are usually around $45 for a half o. therefore 90-100 for a zip
  10. nice dude looks good. I just got hooked up with a dub of mids too!!!
  11. Thank you for the ones who left positive feedback, This next bowls for you. :smoke:
  12. cant really see it...looks like my mexico brick tho which i get 7g for 25...even with the scale since i got that one...if its pif tho thats an awesome deal that i'd drive for
  13. get that shit in ri for 60 - 70 a zip not brick either decent mids but i dont smoke it just do stuff for friends for what u guys pay

    blaze heads.:hello:

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