New EHLE piece, suggestions??

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  1. I ordered a EHLE bong on grasscity and I'm interested in buying stuff for it, like a pre-cooler or a diffuser or something... Do you have any suggestions? I would like something not too expensive that can improve my smoking experience

    Keep in mind I need to be able to hide that glass easily, so it must be small (my bong's only 25 cm tall)

    Heres the link to the bong:

    Thanks :hello:
  2. If you put a precooler on there it could fall over, so I would avoid that. But I would start with a carbon filter. But that would make you bowl higher than the bong itself, if you don't mind. But that bong isn't really made for attachments.
  3. Your gonna hate that bong if you have long hair. And ouch, only 2.5 mm thick glass? That's thinner than most black leaf and weed star pieces.
  4. Suggestions.......dont put it on the floor after youve freshly cleaned it, only to take a step back and fucking break it the first week you got it!! ARRRRGHHH! sorry...broken bong flashback, had a 500ml EHLE :(, but for reals, be careful with it, there AWESOME bongs and clear SUPER fast because of the carb, trust me youll love the carb after you use it, just for the love of god dont be stupid like me and break it.

    oh and for accessories, id say just get a new bowl or something, or a glass screen, because the hole in the bowl that comes with it is huge.
  5. I don't like how high the bowl sits. If your hair is long, you better tie it back.

  6. The ehle's gc sells now don't have carbs. But I don't see why people hate them so much, it clears so fast, and so much easier.

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