New DWC grow! Help with second strain choice. Advice?

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    Hi there, first post for me. Going to be setting up my grow 'closet' very soon and I've learnt so much from all the talented growers on here. I love reading the grow journals and if you help me with my question I'll make sure I start one of my own! A bit of incentive lol.

    Anyway I want to start with two strains, I'd like one indica and one sativa, but the height difference is a problem. I've chosen Nirvana Seeds' 'Papaya' as the strain to keep me on the couch and send me off to sleep. Now I need to choose something with an more energetic sativa high that won't grow much taller than the 'Papaya'. - White Widow - AK48 - Chrystal

    Here are three I was considering.. Which of these has the most social/energetic sativa-like high? I need something I can smoke even if I've got things to do! Any advice, comments, different strain suggestions?

    Here is the Papaya:

    The grow is hydro DWC with 400w HPS and GH nutrients, also using ScrOG method with screen around 1.75ft above pots for final plant height around 2.5ft, hence the need for the two strains to be similar in height. Many many thanks and sorry for the long-ass boring post. (Couldn't see anything in the rules about posting links, hope they're allowed).

    Edit- Ahhh, there are just too many to choose from! :confused:

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