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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rupert007, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Hello im new over here and this is my introduction.
    Im from Holland and 20 years old smoke a lot.
    And sometimes a little bit more
  2. Welcome to the city!!
  3. Welcome to da most monged site on the net!
  4. Welcome to the city
  5. Welcome to the City!!! (Ignore Bongish! LOL!)

  6. Hello And i feel welcome already but do you guys know where the fuck lies Holland because i dont think so or aint i right?
  7. rupert007 say:
    "Im from Holland and 20 years old smoke a lot.
    And sometimes a little bit more"

    i hear that! :)


    i might be getting a temp job in the netherlands soon.
  8. Then your in luck because Holland is the number one place to be if you want to use any kind of drug or just wanne be free!
  9. welcome to the best family on the you live near amsterdam??

    someday i would love to visit amsteram and party all the time i'm there...

    have an excellent day!!
  10. well its a city like any other.
    Only there are a couple of things you can do there what you can't do any where else you got the red light district were al the hookers are and you got cafes just like any other only you can smoke and buy weed but i guese you dont know how thats like but for us dutch people its really regular were used to the fact we can walk in a shop and buy our weed but in amsterdam i only see tourists.
    The best places were you can buy weed in holland are the other mayor citties better weed and much more (because in amsterdam they know you guys are tourist and will sell you crappy and not much weed).
    But when you guys come to holland say it over here and i will take you to best places in holland fore sure (especialy nice ladies)1
  11. Rock on man, Ive met some really cool people online from holland and Im planning to go to next years Cannibus Cup with one of em, gonna be great.
  12. hi, welcome to the city, see u in the forums! :)

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