new dugout peice.... please help!

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  1. alright. so i got i dugout with the little one hitter that comes with it..... and i'm pissed.

    ever time that i smoke the thing i get i shit load of green in my mouth. the hits aren't even worth it....

    i was thinking about taking a metal screen and cutting it to fit in there.... but wouldn't it fall into the dugout?

    please,i love the idea of this peice but its just so uncomfortable to smoke!!!
  2. I rock my dug out a lot in public. Yeah, you get shit in your mouth, but after heavy use it get's a bit dirty and that aspect goes away. A screen will help.

    Dug outs also collect a lot of kief. Plus it helps to conserve bud.
  3. dont rip it so hard and dont break the bud up too much.

    just drop a little nug or a piece of a nug into the dugout and grind it up with the actual one hitter, and when you pull it out it'll be nice and packed.
  4. it wont be long before it fills up with resin, just smoke chunkier bud until then.
  5. :'(

    ill try putting a nug or two i my dugout..... thanks guys....

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