New dude needs advice please help peeps :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shady adi, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi every body!

    I have been browsing this forum for a few years and have gained sum invaluable knowledge from it. Anyway I was hoping there were sum ganja growing gods around here that can help me on my mission of sticking to the man (Growing dope)

    First off ill let u know my set up...

    A DS120 with 9 PR1 flowering away under a 600W air cooled HPS. These are ready in a week:smoke:
    Fed on the basic canna nutes and in 6.5 l airpots with coco they were vegged for 2 week from rooted clone and are root bound as a mutha I'm sure u can imagine!

    A DR80 with 4 LA Confidential 2 week from seed and a mother plant (PR1) that has been cloned a fair few times so I took it outside for its last days but couldn't believe how well it picked so now its back inside and getin flowered off when the DS is empty its currently under a 250 MH with the 4 LA's.

    And a propagator full of clones that once again probably won't root! Grrr! Under a cannatronics starlite 2.

    So anyway sorry for blabbing on its just nice to get it off your chest when living in a country with shite laws.

    So...question numero uno. How do I upload pics from a blackberry? I'm hoping this will give folks a better idea of my little personal grow and they will be able to help me with the rising amount of challenges I'm having to get through I.E. Thrips the little buggers!

    So thanks if you took the time to read and if you can answer my question I would be very grateful indeed :)

    PS sorry if its in the wrong spot!

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